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German Unification Collection  

A collection of over 250 books and archival materials dealing with the reunification of Germany and the response in neighboring countries.
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Cover Art
Becoming Party Politicians - Louise K. Davidson-Schmich
ISBN: 0268025851
Publication Date: 2006

Cover Art
Imperfect Justice - Inga Markovits
Call Number: KKA190 .M3713 1995
ISBN: 0198259611
Publication Date: 1995

Cover Art
Everyday Subversion - Kerry Kathleen Riley
ISBN: 0870138014
Publication Date: 2007


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Resources on the German Unification

Brian Scott Frye, The “Two-plus-Four” Treaty: Current Implications for U.S. Forces’ Activity and Freedom of Movement in Berlin and the New German States, ARMY LAWYER, 2009, at 32–42.

Hans G. Gnodtke, Sixty Years of the German Basic Law (Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany 1949) and Twenty Years of German Reunification—a Synopsis, 16 JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, 2009, at 5–18.

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Udo Steiner, The Basic Law and the process of reunification, 53 SMU LAW REV. 461–476 (2000).

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Dieter Papenfuss, The fate of the international treaties of the GDR within the framework of German unification, 92 AM. J. INT. LAW 469–488 (1998).

Mathias, 1955- Reimann, Takeover: German reunification under a magnifying glass, 96 MICH. LAW REV. 1988–1999 (1998).

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Kenneth S. Kilimnik, Germany’s army after reunification: the merging of the Nationale Volksarmee into the Bundeswehr, 1990-1994, 145 MIL. LAW REV. 113–148 (1994).

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Post-reunification German constitutionalism, 38 ST LOUIS UNIV. LAW J. 317–339 (1993).

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Jonathan J. Doyle, A bitter inheritance: East German real property and the Supreme Constitutional Court’s “Land Reform” decision of April 23, 1991, 13 MICH. J. INT. LAW 832–864 (1992).

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Kevin J., student author Palmersheim, European Monetary Union and German reunification: the need for the Bundesbank to answer to Europe, 10 WIS. INT. LAW J. 149–168 (1991).

Norbert Horn, The lawful German revolution: privatization and market economy in a re-unified Germany, 39 AM. J. COMP. LAW 725–746 (1991.

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Taking Reichs seriously: German unification and the law of state succession, 104 HARV. LAW REV. 588–606 (1990).

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Jost Delbrueck, A European Peace Order and the German Question: legal and political aspects, 11 MICH. J. INT. LAW 897–911 (1990).

The German question of reunification: an historical and legal analysis of the division of Germany and the 1989 reform movement in the German Democratic Republic, 8 DICKINSON J. INT. LAW 291–312 (1990).

German reunification: historical and legal roots of Germany’s rapid progress towards unity, 22 N. Y. UNIV. J. INT. LAW POLIT. 253–317 (1990).


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